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Justkar Sealing Company B.V.

Justkar Sealing Company BV is a network of 4 regional offices supplying Systems, Equipment & Services to the Marine Industry worldwide. The Head office / workshop is located in Strijen  nearby port of  Rotterdam.The Group currently maintains branch offices in The Netherlands with a history dating back more than 20 years in Shipping, Commerce and Industry we offer service to the entire market worldwide. 

We are specialized in:

Mechanical seals, pumps, elektromotors, all kind of seatrings and gaskets, tanklid packings, deckstores, reconditioning pumps, reconditioning mechanical seals, valves and reconditioning valves. marine equipement, Chinese- and Korean built engines, pistons, hydraulic motor, pumps and hoses for cranes on deck, compressors Alfa Laval pumps, Allweiler pumps, Naniwa pumps, Shinko pumps, Taiko Kikai pumps, Bornemann pumps, Grundfos pumps, Houttuin pumps, Ebara pumps, Wilden pumps and more.

We provide high quality products against competitive pricing and quick deliveries. Our flexibility and customer directed approach ensures that clients are provided with the best service possible. All our products can be found on our website. The products can be ordered online.  

Justkar Sealing Company B.V. specializes in providing mechanical seals. We offer a great variety of mechanical sealing items. We designs, manufactures, sells, services and repairs our complete line of mechanical seals and related devices worldwide. The extent of our capabilities we present on the website and includes boiler feed circuit seal, cartridge seal, component seal, high performance seal, low emission seal, metal bellows, mixer seal, slurry seal, standard chemical pump seal, fluid control equipment and materials as Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide, PTFE etc. We design our mechanical seals to work within prominent markets such as: petrochemical processing(API682), chemical industry, mining and more processing industry.

Justkar supplies a various range of different kind of valves specially designed for shipping market built Korean and Chinese : ball valves, gate valve, butterfly valves, safeties, storm valves, storm valves, actuators these valves are made in our own factory. All critical components are offered with class certificates and when is required marked/stamped with maker's IMO-INO numbers.  

We supply all kind of Separators & Spare from our own brand. Our Separators are available in all kind of materials and produced within our factory, for above separators spares we offer you Free Delivery  on board from our warehouse in Singapore.

  • Westfalia Full Range of  Separators& Spare Parts   
  • Alva Laval  Full Separators& Spare Parts   
  • Mitsubishi Full Separators& Spare Parts   
  • Remanufactured Units of Purifiers & Separators   


Lastly Justkar Sealing Company B.V also offers several other commercial products. We supply all kinds of bearings by SKF, MTK.FAG and Koyo for example.

Contact one of our employees for more information. We also offer you the possibility to order through our website. We gladly be of your service.